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During the FTC’s Request, Court Halts Assortment Of Allegedly Fake Payday Debts Defendants’ Robocalls and Collectors Threatened Legal Action and Arrest, FTC Alleges A U.S. district court has halted an operation based in Atlanta and Cleveland that allegedly used deceptive and threatening tactics to collect phantom payday loan “debts” that consumers either did not owe, […]

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Information Column – we have a loan that is payday obtained from my account by Continuous Payment Authority (CPA) We have a loan that is payday obtained from my account by Continuous Payment Authority (CPA). I attempted to cancel this while the deductions had been high and I also have always been in lease arrears. […]

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Factors Influencing Approval of Short Term Loans. Having a high credit history, you’ve got more odds of having your unsecured loan application authorized. A bank or an NBFC will assess particular aspects that are key choosing to supply that loan and which include your earnings, credit rating, task status, etc. Credit rating: Your loan provider […]

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